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Oct 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
lose some energy they are not done with the system just yet. let's get you back to the bay area and time out the storm. clouds breaking up around the bay area today and flowing back in overnight and you will notice 11:00 tomorrow the parade will start. we'll see clouds out there. but the rain is staying to the north so we'll be dry for that but as trick or treaters go out tomorrow evening looks like a better chance of rain so be prepared for that tomorrow taking some of those trick or treaters out rain across the rest of the bay area throughout the evening tomorrow night. plan on 72 degrees in san jose and 56 degrees in pacifica. inside the bay sunshine this afternoon about 69 degrees in oakland 67 in san francisco. about 73 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days, things get unsettled as storm clouds make a return. looks like we could see some leftover showers on thursday morning. by friday though we're dry once again and again, don't forget, there's a chance of showers in the evening for trick or treaters. i was hoping it was going to hold off and now it's moving in faster. i'l
Oct 29, 2012 12:00pm PDT
energy will continue with this week's parade. >> the city is preparing for the next big one. >> the smiles. i keep thinking about it. i hear them. and i'm so happy to be a giants fan. >> reporter: the celebration a familiar one to the bay area. the giants sweep to becoming the world series champs, the second one in three years for san francisco. >> 2010, we did it. we will do it again and again, mayor fans got a little out of had last night... defacing buils with graffiti and setting fs on the streets of san franc. today, you can see some of e effects. after the game bonfires were set at 22nd ad mission streets. as police tried to disperse a crowd... some people threw beer botts at officers. รก police arrested 35 people... 22 on felony charges and 13 on misdemeanors. still ahead.. hurricane sany rains on the campaign.. what means for the final push foe white house and how the candidates are dealing witht could be a major disaster.. ============b r e a k ============== ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, struggling with their weigh. more and more programs are g introduced to try and help severely overw
Nov 2, 2012 12:00pm PDT
wants proof monster energy drinks are safe for kids. according to the "new york times," city attorney dennis herrera has sent a letter to monster beverage demanding the company substantiate claims made in advertising that large daily doses of monster energy were okay for teenagers and adults. in a statement monster said the company can document it's products or properly labeled dietary supplements and third party scientific documentation substantiates their safety. several members of congress have asked the fda now to take action on energy drink safety. >>> a big push to get more hispanics students thinking about college is happening today in the east bay. 400 high school students networked with business and community leaders at diablo valley college this morning for the annual narrowing the gap conference. >> and now what you see is a group of young people who say i'm ready to go. the difference is the attitude of the students, families and of the community that we want these children to prosper and to succeed. >> our very own roberta gonzales was the keynote speaker. she was the fir
Oct 31, 2012 12:00pm PDT
crowd. >> reporter: more energy? >> and it's a more magical. >> reporter: have a great time. frank, you have a couple people with you. >> reporter: i have robert from manteca. what time did you get here this morning? >> we got here at 11:00 last night but we slept in my car for a couple hours. >> reporter: you slept in your car? did you see mayor lee's jacket? >> beautiful colors. >> reporter: what did you think? >> very bright. very colorful. >> reporter: i'm here to tell you, folks, we found the extension cord to mayor lee's jacket. we have unplugged it and when he speaks out here in 15, 20 minutes, it won't be so bright. >> reporter: that was his joke. >> thank you. and i was just talking to our meteorologist lawrence cano told me the champagne will not rain on the parade. >> reporter: it's raining confetti. brandon you were a 5-year-old kid rooting for the giants. what must be going through your head? >> it's unbelievable. it really is a dream come true. i wanted to play with the giants. when i was in that 5-year-old picture i wanted to play for them and 20 years later actually
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4